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I have an array of objects, each object has a function that returns a Boolean value. What I need to do, is have a loop continuously running until each object returns a true value when the function is called on each object.

EDIT: Sorry I wasn't clear enough, I meant that I want the loop to break, when ALL of the objects functions return true.

Any ideas?

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If I got your question, you can do like this...

  test = 0;
  for(all functions)
    char test_array[] = function_call();
  int i = 0;

    if(test_array[i] == true)
      count_no_true = i++;
  if(count_no_true == no of function)
  {test == 1;}
  {test == 0;}    
}while(test == 1)
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Yes, this could work. Thanks. –  VisionIncision Aug 18 '11 at 15:06

Java style syntax:

boolean good;
while (true) {
    good = true;
    foreach (MyObject o : myArray) {
        if (!o.someFunction()) {
            good = false;
    if (good) break;

I interpreted it as meaning that every object needed to have its function evaluated to true each time, and once they all evaluate to true break out of the loop.

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