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Having a bit of a brain dead morning. Messing about with symfony2 and I can't work out how to update a table by a users id. For example: I have a profile table with a user id that is created on registration, so I have an empty table except for a user id. I want to update the the profile table row that belongs to the logged in user. I have a one to one relationship and a getUser method. ?? I am able to get the id of current logged in user, just don't know to update relevant table.

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Considering your information I assume User is owner. I don't know if you set the profile on persisting of User...

if (is_null($user->getProfile()) {
  $profile = new \Foo\BarBundle\Entity\Profile();
} else $profile = $user->getProfile();


That fine? Or DQL (I haven't done it this way, may have syntax errors):

$qb = $em->createQueryBuilder();
$result = $qb->update('Foo\BarBundle\Entity\Profile', 'p')
  ->set('barBaz', 'barbaz')
  ->set('fooBaz', 'foobaz')
  ->where('p.user_id = ?1')->setParameter(1, $user->getId())
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