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Is it possible to run map reduce jobs on Google app engine?

Any reference or tutorial would help


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Sort of.

You can't use the actual MapReduce framework - the architecture is too incompatible with AppEngine.

However, there is an equivalent system built specficially for GAE - appengine-mapreduce. That site is a bit confusing, as the first version of the code only supported mappers, without the subsequent reduce step - recently they released a version with full mapreduce support, but some of the documentation still referes to the earlier mapper-only one.

The best introduction is the GoogleIO talk from Mike Aizatskyi.

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Saw this Google Cloud Platform advertisement:
Hadoop on Google Compute Engine virtual machines

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You cannot run Hadoop on Appengine (No filesystem access as well).

You may want to check AWS ElasticMapreduce. Its a cloud based platform for running Mapreduce jobs.


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