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I'm using Capybara 1.0.0 with default configuration.

click_link "some existing text" # --sometimes-- doesn't work. weird.

find_link "some existing text" # always works

This may be a timing problem; or maybe not because find_link works brilliantly ok.

I've checked the produced output file via save_and_open_page, it's ok too. Also, I've increased the wait time etc. But, neither did help.

Before I goto the source of Capybara completely. What do you think that is gone wrong?


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prolly the problem is in the way you locating elements with xpath or css selectors ? – eugene.polschikov Sep 17 '12 at 14:15

Whenever I'm getting intermittent problems with my tests one of the first things I check is the sequence they are being run in.

Depending on how you have Rspec setup, it is probably randomising the order the specs are run in each time you run the suite. This means sometimes everything passes and other times not.

Rspec will output a seed value you can use to re-run the tests in the same order for debugging purposes.

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