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I'm attempting to sign PDFs with an SSL certificate issued from Go Daddy. These signatures show up as valid in the Windows Reader as long as you check the "Validating Signatures" check box under Edit -> Preferences... -> Security -> Advanced Preferences -> Windows Integration -> Trust ALL root certificates in the Windows Certificate Store for the following operations. However, I can't seem to find a similar setting in the Mac OS X version of Reader. Mac OS X appears to have something similar to the Windows Certificate Store in Keychain (specifically System Roots for Go Daddy). Is anyone aware of a setting on the Mac version that's similar to the Windows setting I mentioned? If not, is there another PDF reader out there that would work for this scenario?

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I think it simply doesn't integrate with Keychain on OS X and relies on its own certificate store; I was bitten by this a few times with signatures that Keychain indicated used trusted certificates. This is why some vendors offer certificates for the specific purpose of signing PDFs and these certificates descend from Adobe's very own "Adobe Root CA".

If not, is there another PDF reader out there that would work for this scenario?

If you'd excuse my shameless plug, my app PDF Signet uses Keychain for both signing and verification.

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