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I am trying to use an application-scoped bean but every time I call the lazily initialized getter methods, it initializes the values again. I've used the debugger to confirm that the values are null again on every new call (even by the same session). Am I using the application-scope wrong?

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What JSF impl/version? –  BalusC Aug 18 '11 at 16:26
JSF Version 1.2 –  NewToThis Aug 18 '11 at 16:36
That's general JSF spec version. I was asking for impl/version. What JSF implementation are you using? E.g. Mojarra or MyFaces? And then what version? E.g. Mojarra 1.2_15 or MyFaces 1.2.10? –  BalusC Aug 18 '11 at 16:47
My mistake. MyFaces 1.2.9 –  NewToThis Aug 18 '11 at 16:50
OK, thanks. I've added the myfaces tag so that the right folks are now attracted. Sorry, no answer from me as I don't use MyFaces. I could at highest suggest to try Mojarra instead. If it also fails with Mojarra, then your problem is likely caused by a bug/mistake in your own code or a generic misconfiguration of your project. –  BalusC Aug 18 '11 at 16:52

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I was not calling the bean properly. After fixing that, it worked properly. Sorry for wasting your time and feel free to delete this question.

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