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I have a wallpaper.jpg (size: 1920x1280) and a partly transparent tile.gif (size: 16x16).

On a website I want to have the tile as a x- and y-repeated overlay over the wallpaper.

Right now, this overlay is realized using CSS. I want to save one request and merge the (repeated) tile.png with the wallpaper.jpg using ImageMagick. The wallpaper.jpg is generated via ImageMagick anyway.

Following the Documentation of the -tile option, I came up with the following command:

convert wallpaper.jpg -size 1920x1280 tile:tile.gif -compose over -composite result.jpg

The result, however, is a 1920x1280 jpg filled with the tile, but no wallpaper shining through. Instead, the transparent part of the tile seem to be white.

The documentation says:

If the tile image is partially transparent then a 'Over' "-compose" method will need to be specified.

So what's wrong?

I also tried -flatten instead of -composite... same result.

edit: I realize, there is also another -tile option documentation. It seems to follow the concept of overloading. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to use it correctly.

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This should do the trick:

convert wallpaper.jpg -background none -size 1920x1280 tile:tile.gif -composite result.jpg

(you can also add -compose over, but that should not make any difference).

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Not sure if it will help, but have you tried converting your tile.gif to a 24-bit PNG file with Alpha/Transparency? - Scratch that....

I found some example showing but am unsure about the full command line:

composite -tile tile.gif netscape: wallpaper.jpg

Source: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/compose/#tile

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I also tried that. Even when the tile is a PNG with transparency and the output file is a PNG, too, the result is the repeated tile with white instead of transparency –  crispy Aug 18 '11 at 16:46

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