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If I'm running an internet streaming service, and I want to be able to "cut" the broadcast when an ads group is coming, how can I achieve this?

I understand there is something called "cue tones", but I didn't find helpful resource to read from.

It would be great to have some kind of tutorial/example or a code snippet to learn more about the detection of those tunes.

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This depends on where you want to do this.

Cue-tone is a basic audio burst tools.( Though there are more advanced methods now). This is generated by original play out server when a new event starts - as configured. There is no distinction between a commercial or non-commercial transmission though. But this tones are embedded to achieve something on the path.

Usually, the video which at homes these cue-tones/or such triggers won't come till your set-top-box and of no use to you when video is off line. This is a tool used by broadcasters to manage certain things in down time; and most often they DON'T want user's to remove the Ad's so it wont work to you.

To my knowledge there is no tool that allow you do to this for end users. There can be means to achieve this, if you have access to systems of broadcaster's play outs.

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