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I can't figure out how to do this with string methods:

In my file I have something like 1.012345e0070.123414e-004-0.1234567891.21423... which means there is no delimiter between the numbers.

Now if I read a line from this file I get a string like above which I want to split after e.g. 12 characters. There is no way to do this with something like str.split() or any other string method as far as I've seen but maybe I'm overlooking something?


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maybe duplicate of:… – BrainStorm Aug 18 '11 at 16:52
Funny: the answer I put here is almost verbatim the answer I put there... – Ned Batchelder Aug 18 '11 at 16:56

Since you want to iterate in an unusual way, a generator is a good way to abstract that:

def chunks(s, n):
    """Produce `n`-character chunks from `s`."""
    for start in range(0, len(s), n):
        yield s[start:start+n]

nums = "1.012345e0070.123414e-004-0.1234567891.21423"
for chunk in chunks(nums, 12):
    print chunk



(which doesn't look right, but those are the 12-char chunks)

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You're looking for string slicing.

>>> x = "1.012345e0070.123414e-004-0.1234567891.21423"
>>> x[2:10]
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line = "1.012345e0070.123414e-004-0.1234567891.21423"
firstNumber = line[:12]
restOfLine = line[12:]

print firstNumber
print restOfLine


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from itertools import izip_longest

def grouper(n, iterable, padvalue=None):
    return izip_longest(*[iter(iterable)]*n, fillvalue=padvalue)
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haven't tried it but looks awesome ;) – Nicolas78 Dec 3 '13 at 13:38

Try this function:

x = "1.012345e0070.123414e-004-0.1234567891.21423"
while len(x)>0:
  v = x[:12]
  print v
  x = x[12:]
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you can do it like this:

step = 12
for i in range(0, len(string), 12):
    slice = string[i:step]
    step += 12

in this way on each iteration you will get one slice of 14 characters.

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