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I'm having some issues getting Sass to output css compressed. I'm using a configure block in my server.rb file which sets up loads of things and I'm using the Rack verison

configure do
  use Sass::Plugin::Rack

So either side of this I've tried to following two options, separatly and together

Sass::Plugin.options[:style] = :compressed
set :sass, :style => :compressed

I've also tried setting these outside of the configure block, before and after. But nothing seems to be working, any ideas? I've tried restarting the server too. Driving me insane, any help would be great

Sinatra 1.2.6 Haml 3.1.2 Sass 3.1.7

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For whatever reason, try the following.

configure do
  set :sass, {:style => :compressed}

That works for me. Only difference I see is the hash so maybe that's why.

I also don't have Sass::Plugin::Rack I just require from Gemfile.

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