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In Microsoft Lightswitch I have a self-referencing table like this:

Courses {CourseID int, ParentID int, CourseName string}

In a LightSwitch screen I have a drop-down box that should show only the leaf courses.

I created a LeafCourses query and I am trying to extend it so it returns only leaf nodes, something like the SQL statement:

SELECT ParentID FROM Courses WHERE ParentID is NOT NULL     

This is what I have (not working):

    partial void LeafCourses_PreprocessQuery(string Parameter, ref IQueryable<Cours> query)  
        query = from Cours c1 in query  
                !(from Cours c2 in this.Courses  
                  select c2.Cours1.CourseId  
                select c1;  
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Justin Anderson provided the answer: To get this, code will need to be written in the PreprocessQuery method, but it's very simple: ` partial void LeafCourses_PreprocessQuery(string Parameter, ref IQueryable<Cours> query) { query = query.Where(c => !c.ChildCourses.Any()); } ` where ChildCourses is the name of the navigation property on the Cours entity that represents the collection of child courses. –  user901044 Aug 24 '11 at 17:23

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Your post is long ago and you might already have the solution, but still:

As far as I understand your data model, the inner select would be sufficient:

SELECT * FROM courses WHERE parentid IS NOT NULL

That gives you all the rows that have a parent row (which would be your leaf nodes).

Using LINQ in the LightSwitch PreprocessQuery() this would be something like:

query = query.Where<Cours>(c => c.ParentId != null);

or not using lambda:

query = from c in query where c.ParentId != null select c;

This works even if you have no ".ChildCourses", which you apparently don't.

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