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We need to implement client / server to open / edit Office documents from server as confluence does. We have our server side implementations (web services) to download / upload documents. Also we have our authentication services that handle user authentication. We need to implement / configure WebDAV along with these existing services. So:

  1. When Office application requests a document from WebDav servlet, webdav connects to our existing service to get the document and would use our existing authentication service to authenticate the user. What code do we need to write to handle this?
  2. Save as above to save a document back.

Can anyone please help me on how to get a quick start on this? Any tutorial links?

Thanks & regards, Nadeem Ullah

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I recently implemented a prototype using the milton framework to browse the repository and open office documents from our DMS and made good progress. It´s wired up using spring and a filter in our deployment descriptor - so far I´m fairly impressed by milton. It´s easy to use and integrates quite well.

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Thanks CodeSeavers, I will try to use this one as you said. – Nadeem Ullah Feb 22 '12 at 19:54

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