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I'm attempting to create a pass-through query (PTQ)in MS Access to my local Oracle XE instance via OBDC. When I run my PTQ I get an Ora-00942 error "table or view doesn't exist". I have ensured that the table does exist and the user I'm connecting as can Select data from the table using SQL-Plus. The statement I'm using in the PTQ runs fine in Sql-Plus.

I have verified my connection string is correct by successfully running:

SELECT sysdate from dual;

If I try to link the table, I can browse to it and create the link. When I try to open it I get an Ora-00942 error again.

I'm thinking it is a security issue on the database side but I'm not certain. I would appreciate any and all help.


A restart of the local Oracle service resolved the issue. Exact source is unknown but got it working.

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If you run the pass-through query SELECT USER FROM DUAL, does it return the user you are expecting? – Brian Camire Aug 18 '11 at 19:56
Has the table a Primary Key? – Christoph Jüngling Mar 30 '12 at 17:55

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