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How do I set each bit of the logonHours property (which as 21 bytes) to either zero (for locking user account) or one (for unlocking) ? I have obtained the logonHours property in bytes as follows:

bytes[] logonHours = (byte[])de.Properties["logonHours"].Value;
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//After seaching the web, I used the following code :

public void myMethod(String p_UserName)
       byte[] logonHours = null;

       logonHours = (byte[])de.Properties["logonHours"].Value;
       BitArray bitArray = new BitArray(logonHours);

        for (int i = 0; i < bitArray.Count; i++)
            //If bit is zero (that is false), logonHours is Locked
            //If bit is one (that is true) then set to zero (false) to LOCK the account
            if (bitArray[i])
                bitArray.Set(i, false);

        byte[] m_Bytes1 = MyExtension.ConvertToByteArray(bitArray);

        de.Properties["logonHours"].Value = m_Bytes;


static class MyExtension {

 public static byte[] ConvertToByteArray(this BitArray bits)
       int numBytes = bits.Count / 8;
       if (bits.Count % 8 != 0) numBytes++;

       byte[] bytes = new byte[numBytes];
       int byteIndex = 0, bitIndex = 0;

       for (int i = 0; i < bits.Count; i++)
           if (bits[i])
               bytes[byteIndex] |= (byte)(1 << (7 - bitIndex));

           if (bitIndex == 8)
               bitIndex = 0;

       return bytes;
   }//end of method


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Here is an article that can help you : Active Directory Permitted Logon Times with C#

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