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I'm trying to write a simple Google chrome extension. But when I try to send some dynamic data from contentscript.js to background.html, I get no result. There is no problem with sending static data.

here is the background.html:

      chrome.extension.onRequest.addListener(function(request) {

and here is the conentscript.js with static data that works fine:

var req = {"text": "salam"};

and this is contentscript.js that doesn't work:

var txt = getSelectedText();
var req = {"text": txt};

any help is welcomed.

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When you pass an object via request you don't pass a reference to it, as with regular functions. This object is actually getting serialized into a string before a request, passed as a string, and then assembled back from a string in a background page (that's why you can't pass anything in a request that cannot be serialized). All references are lost in the process.

You probably would need to rethink your extension architecture to accommodate this.

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thanks for your helpful answer. I used String(txt) to solve the problem, because "txt" String, there is no problem on code execution. –  alishir Aug 18 '11 at 19:43

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