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i am using application to enter and view data in sql server database.

i am not sure what data type to use in sql server to allow booleans?

when entering data into the database the users will be clicking on a check box to signify true/false.

  1. how do i implement bools with sql server?
  2. how do i give the ability to the user in formview to enter true/false?
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As the others said, you can use BIT datatype.

However, be warned that if you put BIT into a table, and you want only binary values, disable NULL.

If you allow NULL in a bit field it will actually be trinary and allow three values.

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Use the BIT column. In your form just provide a radio button or checkbox. Here is a helpful link of Sql Data Types compared to .NET types:

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Use the bit datatype. I would use a checkbox in the gui. If it is not checked then the bit value should be 0, else 1.

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One word: bit! (now I am just padding the answer because it is too short)

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