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I have two models with a has_one belongs_to releationship called purchase_request (has_one) and purchase_order(belongs_to). I need to make sure the purchase_request_id gets passed to purchase_order and it has a restufl route that reads:


and my controller's new method looks like this:

def new
 @purchase_request = PurchaseRequest.find_by_id(params[:purchase_request_id])
 @purchase_request.purchase_order =

with the view having this:

form_for (@purchase_order, @purchase_request) do |f|

and I have heard that a hidden field isn't necissary if you do that, but it gives :purchase_request nil in my table. I also can't figure out how to put the into a hidden field. Help is greatly appreciated.

Update: I would solve it using this code <%= f.hidden_field :purchase_request_id, :value=> %> however, that would make it so I would have to modify the edit method too.

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Not sure if this is exactly the right way to do it but I:

  • Changed my controller code to:

    @purchase_order ={:purchase_request_id=>params[:purchase_request_id]})
  • Made sure my view had:

    <%= f.hidden_field :purchase_request_id %>
  • and just had:

    form_for(@purchase_order) do |f|
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