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I have some of radio buttons and checkboxes elements in my HTML form which holds 0 as value. typically i would check for the required values using two functions isset() or !empty() while isset() works quite well without hindrance but this is not the case with empty() as logically 0 represents boolean and hence empty(0) returns true. which is kind of bug when you evaluates integer 0 using empty(). i would like to know the workaround so that it evaluates integer empty(0) as false. one solution i could think of was using strlen($variable) >= 1 , is there any better way or it is fine using strlen()?

thank you

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Why not $variable !== '' ? – Joseph Silber Aug 18 '11 at 19:27
Joseph's solution is the best. Anything coming out of _GET or _POST is a string, so simply do a strict compare against an empty string. – Marc B Aug 18 '11 at 19:28
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You can check if a variable is exactly a value with three equals: ===

if( $variable === 0 ) {

will only be true if the variable is actually 0.

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Use triple equal $variable===0

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