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I would like to be able to sort (order by) in postgres ignoring leading words like "the, a, etc"

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one way: script (using your favorite language) the creation of an extra column of the text with noise words removed, and sort on that.

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Add a SORT_NAME column that has all that stuff stripped out. For bonus points, use an input trigger to populate it automatically, using your favorite SQL dialect's regex parser or similar.

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Try splitting the column and sorting on the second item in the resulting array:

select some_col from some_table order by split_part(some_col, ' ', 2);
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This assumes that every value in the column contains a leading word like “the”, which is unlikely except in very specific contexts. – Jasper Bryant-Greene Apr 2 '14 at 19:36

No need to add an extra column. Strip out the leading words in your ORDER BY:

SELECT col FROM table ORDER BY REPLACE(REPLACE(col, 'A ', ''), 'The ', '')
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