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I have the following history for my branch of a project:

  • 3780 -- an update I did
  • 3803 -- merged from a coworker's branch
  • 3804 -- added a few minor features
  • 3805 -- did a reverse merge of 3803, after finding out the coworker's branch had problems

Is there a way I can find out which files were changed between revision 3780 and 3805, without being misled by files which have changed back to their original state? I am trying to verify that the net effect of 3780->3805 is a relatively small set of changes.

e.g. if file X.cpp changed in r3803 and then changed back in r3805 to the same state as in 3780, I need to not see X.cpp in my diff.

NOTE: This is not the same as How do I see what files were changed between 2 revisions?, the answers of which state which files have been changed in any of the revisions between the start and end.

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You can do:

svn diff -r 3780:3805 .

Assuming you are at the directory where you would like to perform this.

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ok, thanks. I read that other question I cited, and when I tried the top two answers I got a huge list of modified files which was not what I wanted. –  Jason S Aug 18 '11 at 20:36
Thanks. This was just what I needed. Sometimes reading SO is faster than reading the manual. ;-) –  wojciii Jan 15 '13 at 13:30

Try with svn diff -r 3780:3805 http://url_of_your_branch

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Did you consider the following?

  1. Check-out 3780, then export content in a temporary directory A.
  2. Check-out 3805, then export content in a temporary directory B.
  3. Use windiff (or equivalent) to compare A and B?
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considered, but time-consuming due to buildtree size –  Jason S Aug 18 '11 at 20:37

To answer the original question, if you want to see the list of files and not all the diff details:

svn diff --summarize -r 3780:3805 [target]
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