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Work :

publicity.Target = IIF(radioTarget1.Checked, "_blank", "_self").toString

Doesn't work :

IIF(radioTarget1.Checked, publicity.Target = "_blank", publicity.Target = "_self")

Why isn't the second option working?

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I don't see how that first line even compiles, yet you say it works, somehow. Have you looked at the new If operator? – Chris Dunaway Aug 19 '11 at 13:32
Oh, a simple rewrite error, I had forgot the IIF (now added). And now, yes I did. But it seems we are still on VB2005. – Kraz Aug 19 '11 at 16:44
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Because it's not assignments you are doing inside the function call, it's comparisons.

It does the same as:

Dim result As Boolean
If radioTarget1.Checked Then
  result = (publicity.Target = "_blank")
  result = (publicity.Target = "_self")
End If
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IIF is a function, not a language feature.

The second two parameters are objects that are potential return values of the function... not a block of code.


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