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I am trying to calculate average weighted value for each group item in my report. I used all of the suggestions at this link, but all of them give me the following error:

Warning 1 [rsAggregateOfMixedDataTypes] The Value expression for the textrun ‘textbox134.Paragraphs[0].TextRuns[0]’ uses an aggregate function on data of varying data types. Aggregate functions other than First, Last, Previous, Count, and CountDistinct can only aggregate data of a single data type.

Any suggestion for the best way to calculate weighted average. My latest attempt is this:

=iif(sum(iif(Fields!weight.Value is nothing,0,Fields!weight.Value))= 0, 0, sum(iif((Fields!myData.Value * Fields!weight.Value) is nothing,0,(Fields!myData.Value * Fields!weight.Value)))/ sum(Fields!weight.Value))


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According to the exeption description , I suspect that your field isn't set with any dataset and therefor you can calculate aggregate functions , if you using a single text box - try to use a table (use single column and delete the rows so aventually you will have a Header cell), and make sure in the table properties that you linked the right dataset to it.

About your expression, try this one insted:

=iif(sum(iif(IsNothing(Fields!weight.Value),0,Fields!weight.Value))= 0, 0, sum(iif(IsNothing(Fields!myData.Value * Fields!weight.Value),0,(Fields!myData.Value * Fields!weight.Value)))/ sum(Fields!weight.Value))

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