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So have a user interface that I wrote using MinGW QT. In the UI I'm trying to reference objects from my Visual Studio project. Some objects I can reference and use just fine, but the one I'm having problems with uses a 3rd party COM object.

These are the errors I'm getting:

undefined reference to 'CoInitialize@4'
undefined reference to 'CoCreateInstance@20'

I've read that you can't easily mix MinGW and VS libraries. The catch is, Some of the GUI libraries I'm using only compile with MinGW, so I can't just change QT to use the Microsoft compiler.

Is there any way I can get it to recognize these functions, or am I going to end up having to rewrite everything?

I've tried including the 3rd party dll in the .pro file, but that doesn't fix anything.

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Those are linking errors, you just need to link with whatever lib has the COM functions (ole32 according to a quick google). You can probably call code in a dll compiled with msvc from mingw, as long as it's C code not C++ though.

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MSVC and MinGW are not ABI compatible, so you need to compile all modules with same compiler to avoid this kind of problems.

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