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I'm trying to generate layout information for a graph where all of the elements must be laid out in a grid. I would like all coordinates to be integer multiples of the grid-box size.

For example, if I have a grid made up of 1 inch squares, I would like all node coordinates to be a multiple of 72 (the number of points in an inch, if I'm not mistaken). I like the hierarchical layout of dot, so if possible, that's the tool I'd like to use.

I've looked over the element attribute list several times, and I haven't figured out how to do this.


The reason I've chosen GraphViz is that it can perform layout, then return that information as text. Other tools seem to just want to render a graph, but I want to render it elsewhere, and I just need to get the layout information.

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I believe the Graph::Easy perl module can be used to layout dot files into grids.




I'm not sure if this is your desired output, but by playing with the column width of the nodes I can produce:

|        A         |
  |             |
  |             |
  v             v
|     A1     || A2 |
  |      |
  |      |
  v      v
| A1B || A1A |

graph { flow: down; }
[ A ] {columns: 8;}
[ A ]  -> { start: south; end: north; } [ A1 ] 
[ A ]  -> { start: south; end: north; } [ A2 ] 
[ A1 ] -> { start: south; end: north;}  [ A1A ]
[ A1 ] -> { start: south; end: north;}  [ A1B ]

Also I believe it is possible to set the exact space on the grid that the node sits.

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I looked into Graph::Easy, but it doesn't seem able to do a hierarchical layout, which I need. I'm laying out a DAG, and I want child nodes to be strictly below their parents. –  nat Aug 19 '11 at 3:49
It turns out that Graph::Easy isn't quite powerful enough for my needs. Your trick works well for small graphs, but once they get a little bigger it stops working. –  nat Aug 19 '11 at 22:28

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