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im trying to figure out a way on how to creatively blend/fade in an image of the city of new york at night with a white background. so basically the image of new york is a layer on top of the white background. thanks

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Using the Layers panel:

  1. Create a new "Layer Mask" on the top later. (New York Image)
  2. With the new Mask selected, use the gradient tool to create a gradient over the image.
  3. The black areas will show through completely and the gray areas will give you the faded opacity (blend/fade).

Layer Masks allow you to create masked areas with varying degrees of opacity based on black and white. Solid black will show through completely.

If you wanted to get creative you could also play with different brushes, etc on the layer mask to get different effects.

There are a number of good articles that discuss layer masks, etc using Photoshop.

I hope this information helps.

NOTE: Here is a link containing information on creating a layer mask. (Layer Masks - Photoshop Tips)

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