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What's the best value for money c# code protection? Some just use obfuscation, others add win32 wrapping, some cost a fortune. So far I've come up with who's Intellilock looks promising. Any other suggestions? Any reasons why this is not a good idea?

I know its impossible to completely protect but I'd prefer the ability to protect my code so that it would require a lot of effort in order to recover it. I do hope to sell my products eventually, while also releasing some for free.

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Spaghetti code + obfuscation would turn many away. Even though people can reverse engineer your code, on some rare occasions they actually copy it. Haven't seen in the past. If there's a higher possibility of code steal you can always put a different price tag on it to compensate for it. I'm not a big fan of code obfuscation or any other thing alike. – Robert Koritnik Nov 20 '09 at 9:12
Intellilock is terrible, as a user we hated them and planning to switch. They never answer support emails and the application is self is actually terrible and the after the obfuscation our executable started to crash randomly. – dr. evil Feb 11 '10 at 7:27
I agree, I too asked some information from the company but never got any reply back, SmartAssembly was good before RedGate bought it, but now...? – Priyank Bolia Feb 11 '10 at 16:48
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Smartassembly does very decent job. It's very very good, and easy to use. It even makes it harder to look at obfuscated file since it even makes it harder to decompile.

Why choose {smartassembly}?

{smartassembly} is a first-rate .NET Obfuscator, and will thus protect your .NET Intellectual Property. But, beyond that, {smartassembly} additionally offers you, and every .NET developer, the most efficient and easiest way to: Further secure your .NET application (Strings Encoding, Anti-disassembler & Anti-decompiler options, Strong Name signature...) Deploy your .NET application in one file (Dependencies Merging, Compression and Embedding) Remove all non-useful code and metadata (Pruning) Perform other code optimizations (Memory Management, Automatic Sealing of Classes...) And debug your obfuscated and deployed assembly (automatic unhandled exception reporting via 24x7x365 managed Web Service).

This comprehensive feature-set to efficiently produce better software, protected, optimized, and improved, definitely distinguishes {smartassembly} of all other .NET "protection and/or optimization solutions" available on the market.

And its user-friendliness, which allows every .NET developer, whatever his level of competence or expertise, to easily take advantage of all these capabilities, advantageously completes this uniqueness, to your benefit.

By efficiently enabling every .NET developer to deliver a smart version of his .NET application, in no time, and with unmatched ease, {smartassembly} definitely takes the Improvement and Protection of .NET software forward!

With {smartassembly}, you’ll take your valued .NET application to the next level!

Price range is also affordable:

Product Name Product ID Price in Euros Price in US$

{smartassembly} Standard Edition – Single User #300056706 € 349.00 $ 499.00

{smartassembly} Professional Edition – Single User #300056708 € 499.00 $ 699.00

{smartassembly} Enterprise Edition – Single User #300072534 € 649.00 $ 899.0

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I ended up going with SmartAssembly before they were bought by Red-Gate. Post Red-Gate it's still a great product, there are just less updates. – Cliff Cawley Feb 20 '13 at 2:58

First of all, no matter what kind of protection you'll employ,a truly dedicated cracker will, eventually, get through all of the protective barriers. It might simply not worth it employing high-level code obfuscation; rather focus that time into making a better application.

One way to look at this problem, is that people pirating your software are not your target audience; focus on paying customers instead.

With that said, Visual Studio includes the community edition of Dotfuscator, which is fairly decent (for it's value); I would look into that, if needed.

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Dotfuscator community edition is not good at all... – Robin Van Persi Jul 9 '11 at 22:56
Sometimes it's not the "crackers" that developers want to protect against. The license check is not always the motivation. There is code that is hard to write, and hard to enhance, where a thorough understanding is vital to making improvements. This code is hard to write a work-alike replacement for. I think there may be a class of apps where obfuscation renders it impossible to understand to the level of being able to make important enhancements and changes. – H2ONaCl Mar 12 '15 at 14:14

The Dotfuscator community edition does nothing more than renaming your methods (to my knowledge). That is far away from a reasonable protection.

If you want a free obfuscator you may try this one

Other than that, Intelliclock looks like a good decision if price matters.

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Just be aware that Intellilock is terrible, you can't even get support from them. That's what happened to us. – dr. evil Feb 11 '10 at 7:28 application work reasonble. But the SUPPORT S*CKS. They NEVER reply. So I would advice you to look for something else.

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Rummage offers reasonable professional-grade obfuscation for a very modest price. (Disclosure: I work for the company, Aldaray Ltd.)

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Rummage is great and the price is fantastic. It seems well designed and I've experienced zero problems. Aldaray's support is excellent although I really did not need much support. I'm using maximum obfuscation less the "remove unused" feature. (That might be a good starting point to save you some trial and error.) – H2ONaCl Mar 12 '15 at 13:37

Our Crypto Obfuscator product is affordable - license does not cost thousands of dollars - and provides strong obfuscation to your assemblies.

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I have tried many, and I think BitHelmet obfuscator is the best choice nowadays.

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