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I am trying to develop an UCI parser in Objective-C using ParseKit, but I need a way to match everything from a literal to the end of the line (possibly minus the trailing whitespace).

For example, the line I want to parse is:

@"  id name Protector 1.4.0 Linux   \n"

My grammar looks like:

@start = sentence+;
sentence = 'id' 'name' name;
name = Any+;


- (void)didMatchName:(PKAssembly *)a
  NSLog(@"%@", a);

obviously prints:

[id, name, Protector, 1.4, .0]id/name/Protector/1.4/.0^Linux
[id, name, Protector]id/name/Protector^1.4/.0/Linux
[id, name, Protector, 1.4, .0, Linux]id/name/Protector/1.4/.0/Linux^
[id, name, Protector, 1.4]id/name/Protector/1.4^.0/Linux

How can I construct a grammar that tokenizes that string in this way?

[id, name, Protector 1.4.0 Linux]id/name/Protector 1.4.0 Linux^
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Developer of ParseKit here. I think if you instead implement the

- (void)didMatchSentence:(PKAssembly *)a
  NSLog(@"%@", a);

Method, you will receive an Assembly with the results you want.

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