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What I have..

$.getJSON('ui-DashboardWidgetsGet.php', function(msg)
        if(msg.error == "yes"){console.log('Error Found: '+ msg.errorMsg);}
            ztsDashboardJSON = msg;
var ztsDashboardJSONCount = ztsDashboardJSON.widgets[0].length;

which dumps

{ "widgets": [{ "column1": [ {"weight": 1, "bID": 1, "hideMe": false, "collapse": false, "titleOf": "Test 1", "colorOf": "color-yellow", "theFunction": "functionName"}, {"weight": 2, "bID": 2, "hideMe": false, "collapse": false, "titleOf": "Test 2", "colorOf": "color-green", "theFunction": "functionName"}, {"weight": 3, "bID": 3, "hideMe": false, "collapse": false, "titleOf": "Test 3", "colorOf": "color-blue", "theFunction": "functionName"} ], "column2": [ {"weight": 1, "bID": 4, "hideMe": false, "collapse": false, "titleOf": "Test 4", "colorOf": "color-white", "theFunction": "functionName"}, {"weight": 2, "bID": 5, "hideMe": false, "collapse": false, "titleOf": "Test 5", "colorOf": "color-red", "theFunction": "functionName"}, {"weight": 3, "bID": 6, "hideMe": false, "collapse": false, "titleOf": "Test 6", "colorOf": "color-orange", "theFunction": "functionName"} ], "column3": [ {"weight": 1, "bID": 7, "hideMe": false, "collapse": false, "titleOf": "Test 7", "colorOf": "color-white", "theFunction": "functionName"}, {"weight": 2, "bID": 8, "hideMe": false, "collapse": false, "titleOf": "Test 8", "colorOf": "color-green", "theFunction": "functionName"}, {"weight": 3, "bID": 9, "hideMe": false, "collapse": false, "titleOf": "Test 9", "colorOf": "color-blue", "theFunction": "functionName"} ] }]}

Which is valid as per

It requests the php which echo's that out from a db, it echo's just that, nothing else. Yet I am trying to work with the result in the JavaScript there after and it doesn't seem to be supplying me what I want..

my error:

ztsDashboardJSON.widgets is undefined [Break On This Error] var ztsDashboardJSONCount = ztsDashboardJSON.widgets[0].length;

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You need:

var ztsDashboardJSONCount = ztsDashboardJSON.widgets.length; // length is 1

since "widgets" is a key mapped to an array of objects.

If you're trying to get the length of a column, you can do:

ztsDashboardJSON.widgets[0].column1.length; // length is 3

Demo here.

To traverse your object to make use of all the widgets, columns and column values, you can do this:

var widgets = ztsDashboardJSON.widgets;

$.each(widgets, function(i, val) {
    console.log("widget number" + i);
    $.each(val, function(i2, val2) {
        $.each(val2, function(i3, val3) {

Demo here.

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I am ultimately looking to take the raw object from the echo itself and use it as a whole. Not individually on a one to one. As the rest of the script is built originally on that string formatted that way but hardcoded in. – chris Aug 19 '11 at 1:29
the edit is the pre vesion of the script.. Where the JSON was hardcoded.. where those methods did work. But while waiting for an answer here I realized my error.. the variable is trapped within a function so when the function closes the variable is lost to the rest of the script where it is needed. I need to figure a good way to break the variable out of the function so it can be used through the rest of the script.. which would be equal to variable=msg the count aspect has nothing to do with what I am trying to do at this moment. – chris Aug 19 '11 at 1:42
@chris - edited. Is that what you're looking for? – karim79 Aug 19 '11 at 1:44

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