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Is there a faster way to compile or index a large number of facts to improve speed? I have roughly 30K facts of the form linked(groupid,id)

and try to find connections given an id, but it is really slow. I use the rules

connected(Id1,Id2) :-

connected(Id1,Id2) :-

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Most Prologs use indexing on the first argument of the predicate, so reordering the arguments sometimes might be a good idea. In some Prolog dialects, such as SWI, you can explicitly indicate how the indexing should be done using the :-index directive.

Your implementation suggests a transitive closure variant. If Id1 and Id2 are ground you can consider distinguishing the recursive and the non-recursive case (1) and replacing the first call to connected/2 in the body of the second clause by a call to the non-recursive case (2). Finally, you can consider keeping track of the visited Ids such that you will not need to revisit them.

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SWI, YAP, Jekejeke index on several arguments, so you do no longer need :- index directives. –  false Mar 22 '12 at 17:47

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