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I am using wordpress latest version.

Currently my blog is set to custom permalink /index.php/%postname%/ (working fine)

but when click on NEXT button to go to page 2, it fail.

It suppose to go to

But it go to

(an extra /Index.php/ is being added....)

This happen only to page 2. At page 2 go to page 3 onwards, the url is working properly.

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It is very easy to fix.

Just put a line at clean_url() function in wp-includes/formatting.php:

$url = str_replace('index.php/Index.php','index.php',$url);

just give this line at the beginning of the function before any "if Statements"

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I think no need to use index.php to see landing page.

Above url enough to see landing page

While i am visiting above url.i just seen

sorry, we couldn't find that page

Please try using the search above or follow one of the links below.

So rewright rule considered index.php as page.

Then i couldn't see any pagination in url landing page.


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