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I have textbox which accepts string for File name. The user can give/type any name for textbox, even he copy text (Multilingual text) and paste in the textbox. He can copy from any source.

The issue is, how do i detect the 'Language' of copied text which is pasted in textbox and display the text in that corresponding language?

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better use richtextbox –  arun kumar non ascii Aug 19 '11 at 8:58

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There is a .net library that does the job:ntextcat ... and ... it`s open source.

Also, you can use google-api-for-dotnet to the actual translate.

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May be ill think of having a common words in a dictionary for each language and looking it up when user pastes it. If i find it in any of these dictionary item, then ill know its language type. May not be the best solution your looking for. Open to experts comment here.

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