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I have collected some information from websites about certain companies which has their address as well as some junk data crawled and stored in DB. I want to identify the address and remove the scrap or junk data, for example,

 - junk here
 - junk here
 - 10100 Trinity Parkway, 5th Floor Stockton, CA 95219 
 - junk here

As you see in my DB junk data as well as the actual address is there I want to eliminate junk data and identify the actual address.

Is it possible through Java or any other free API?


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You will definitely need an online address verification service for this. Java (nor any other programming language) doesn't inherently have the ability to understand addresses. You need to work with a source of truth outside the context of a programming language.

The suggestion has been here on SO to use Google Maps and I suppose that's a baseline solution, but the quality of your answer depends very much on the quality of your data which doesn't sound very good. And even then the results are still questionable because Google Maps wasn't designed with address verification in mind. It also depends upon your business requirements. If you're going to be doing a mailing, then you'll absolutely want to verify that an address exists using a real service, before sending mail to it otherwise you're essentially throwing away hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

There are a number of address verification services out there of which my company, SmartyStreets, is one. You'll need to determine what is best for your company according to your budget (if any) and business needs. We provide the ability to upload a text file or Excel file and have it cleaned and processed or, if you prefer, you can use our address verification web service API and push addresses to it individually.

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Use CASS software to scrub addresses. Free API's like the USPS web interface usually assume you're sending only the address, so if yours are prefixed/suffixed with junk be prepared to send multiple attempts and then keep only the best match.

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