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I have been able to connect to multiple bluetooth SPP devices simultaneously. But I am able to connect to a max of 3 bluetooth devices in Samsung Galaxy S I9003 phone. And in my Galaxy S II, I am able to connect to only 2 devices simultaneously.

Is there different limits for different devices. As I understood the limit to parallel connections is 7 for the underlying Bluez stack. Is there any way to overcome this limit ?

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Is there different limits for different devices.

I am sure that that is the case. I've seen device manufacturers heavily modify Android OS for whatever reason. I.E. switching Bluetooth ON and OFF programmatically requires android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN permission on Galaxy Nexus, while on many Samsung devices it also requires android.permission.BLUETOOTH. And the same thing with WiFi. So I am not surprised that Samsung has different max number of simultaneous Bluetooth connections for different devices.

Is there any way to overcome this limit ?

In theory - yes. But you will have to obtain Android OS source code, modify the max number of parallel connections, and then build a new system image and install it on your device. I'm afraid this won't be easy.

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