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I have implemented one SWT table having a button widget in one column. On click of a button I am deleting the entire row. But I don't understand how to refresh/redraw/update the table.

Table processListTable;
TableItem tableItem;
Image deleteImage = Activator.getImageDescriptor("icons/trash.gif").createImage();

private void addRowInTable() {
    tableItem = new TableItem(processListTable, SWT.FILL);
    tableItem.setText(0, "value 1");
    tableItem.setText(1, "value 2");

    TableEditor editor = new TableEditor(processListTable);

    final Button deleteButton = new Button(processListTable, SWT.PUSH | SWT.FILL);

    editor.minimumWidth = deleteButtonButton.getSize().x;
    editor.horizontalAlignment = SWT.CENTER;
    editor.setEditor(deleteButtonButton, tableItem, 2);
    deleteButtonButton.addListener(SWT.Selection, new SelectionListener(tableItem, checkButton));

class SelectionListener implements Listener {
    TableItem item;
    Button deleteButton;

    public SelectionListener(TableItem item, Button deleteButton) {
        this.item = item;
        this.deleteButton = deleteButton;

    public void handleEvent(Event event) {

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Check SWT snippet remove selected items from Table.

Just call table.remove(int rowIdx); instead of item.dispose();

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remove is not working. as i have implemented button in column. –  Rinky Gupta Aug 19 '11 at 9:03
So please post more of your code, SSCCE idealy.. –  Sorceror Aug 19 '11 at 9:27

Use the JFace TableViewer with a model class, delete the object from the model and refresh the TableViewer.

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you do not have to refresh the table viewer... –  Alex May 8 '12 at 9:18
public void handleEvent(Event event) {
    this.item .dispose();

    Table table = viewer.getTable();

This is the solution for refresh the SWT table.

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