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My requirement is to find out whether the RTP packet(received on my IP phone from a VOIP gateway) is containing Speech or some Tone. There is no field in RTP packet header to indicate this. I found RFC 4733 which mention 2 formats for RTP payload: Event payload and Tone payload. But how will I know that RTP payload is present in which format as there is no indication for this in RTP header. How can I decode the payload data until the payload format is not known to me?

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The tones you are referring to, are they DTMF tones (good old telephone line tones), or is it tones inside the audio data stream you want to detect? I think the concept of tones in relation to the RTP protocol refers to DTMF tones... – KlausCPH Sep 7 '11 at 18:01
I am getting ringback tone from VOIP gateway indicating that remote analog phone is ringing. This tone is played after gateway sent 183 Session Progress response. But after that gateway also send 200 Ok even though the remote analog phone is still ringing. On receiving 200 Ok my SIP phone sends ACK and start playing the VM considering that call is established but call is not yet answered. So I need to identify the tone in RTP packet from gateway. It does not use Event payload or tone payload according to RFC 2833. It is sending the tone in RTP packet. – Pravi Sep 23 '11 at 11:15

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