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I'm trying to use a .Net WebBrowser control to log into a website and aggregate some data for me. I'm also using a reference to MSHTML (but I don't care if your solution does or doesn't).

When I visit a 'normal' website - I create an mshtml.HTMLDocument from the webBrowser's .documment. Then I create a mshtml.FormElement and a mshtml.HTMLInputElement using the name of the textbox I want.

Then, I can set the value of the textBox.

It looks something like this:

    Dim myDoc1 As mshtml.HTMLIFrame = DirectCast(Me.WebBrowser.Document.DomDocument, mshtml.HTMLDocument)
    Dim myForm As mshtml.HTMLFormElement = DirectCast(myDoc1.forms.item(0), mshtml.HTMLFormElement)
    Dim myUserBox As mshtml.HTMLInputElement = DirectCast(myForm.item("user"), mshtml.HTMLFormElement)

    myUserBox.value = UserName

My problem is that on some websites the textbox I need to manipulate is contained inside of an IFRAME. An example would be https://servicing.capitalone.com/c1/login.aspx

If my program surfs to that site - it can't find a textbox for the Username - because there isn't one. There is only an IFRAME tag that has a URL of 'https://login.capitalone.com/loginweb/login/login.do'

If I surf directly to the login.do page - the website redirects me to an error page.

How can I enter data into the UserName textbox in that IFRAME?

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Because the child iframe you are trying to access is coming from a different domain than the parent page, you won't be able to access the form elements of the iframe due to cross-frame scripting security. See: Accessing Frames in the Managed HTML Document Object Model

Access to frames is complicated by the fact that the managed HTML DOM implements a security measure known as cross-frame scripting security. If a document contains a FRAMESET with two or more FRAMEs in different domains, these FRAMEs cannot interact with one another. In other words, a FRAME that displays content from your Web site cannot access information in a FRAME that hosts a third-party site such as http://www.adatum.com/. This security is implemented at the level of the HtmlWindow class. You can obtain general information about a FRAME hosting another Web site, such as its URL, but you will be unable to access its Document or change the size or location of its hosting FRAME or IFRAME.

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So - there is no way to programatically log into the Capital One Website using a WebBrowser control? –  Rob P. Apr 3 '09 at 2:58
I couldn't get it to work. There is an API for accessing the iframes, but any time I touched the child frame I got a security exception. –  Jason DeFontes Apr 3 '09 at 18:31
I've hacked together a solution. I'm using SendKeys to tab a few times until I'm in the right field, then enter a username, tab, password, tab, click the submit button. But this is buggy and prone to errors. If anyone else has a better soltuion I'd be interested to hear it :) –  Rob P. Apr 8 '09 at 20:44
Yeah, I guess going through the front door would work. ;-) –  Jason DeFontes Apr 8 '09 at 21:16

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