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I have JSON string that looks like


So as you can see "response" is an array consist of Number and 2 POJOs (id:Number).

Could you please give me some advice how to deserialize such strings using Jackson Mixins? Assumption every entry has POJO's type does not work - Jackson throws an Exception because Number is not an instance of POJO's. Actually it's possible to skip this nasty Number I need only List of POJOs.

ObjectMapper objectMapper = new ObjectMapper();
objectMapper.registerModule(new SimpleModule("VKontakteModule", new Version(1, 0, 0, null)) {
            public void setupModule(SetupContext context) {
                context.setMixInAnnotations(VKontaktePost.class, VKontaktePostMixin.class);
                context.setMixInAnnotations(VKontaktePosts.class, VKontaktePostsMixin.class);
String str;
VKontaktePosts posts;
str = "{\"response\":[{\"id\":282},{\"id\":283}]}";
posts = objectMapper.readValue(deserStr, VKontaktePosts.class); //Works

str = "{\"response\":[125,{\"id\":282},{\"id\":283}]}";
posts = objectMapper.readValue(deserStr, VKontaktePosts.class); //Throws JsonMappingException: Can not construct instance of VKontaktePost, problem: no suitable creator method found to deserialize from JSON Number

public class VKontaktePosts implements Serializable {

    private final List<VKontaktePost> posts;

    public VKontaktePosts(List<VKontaktePost> posts) {
        this.posts = posts;

    public List<VKontaktePost> getPosts() {
        return posts;


public class VKontaktePost {

    private String id;

    public String getId() {
        return id;

    public void setId(String id) { = id;

@JsonIgnoreProperties(ignoreUnknown = true)
public abstract class VKontaktePostsMixin {

    VKontaktePostsMixin(@JsonProperty("response") List<VKontaktePostMixin> posts) {

    abstract List<VKontaktePostMixin> getPosts();


@JsonIgnoreProperties(ignoreUnknown = true)
public abstract class VKontaktePostMixin {

    abstract String getId();

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