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I want a number of resources to be included in the resulting .exe file, such as a number of images. But I have trouble to access these resources (images) from the RibbonCommands in the XAML file.

I have marked the files and changed their properties to "Embedded Resources", but get problem to refer to them in the Code and the XAML file.

For the Main window I have done the following

Which works!

But the RibbonCommands does not seem to be able to find Embedded resources.

<r:RibbonCommand x:Key="ScanCommand"  
                 LabelTitle="{x:Static const:strings.Scan}"  
                 ToolTipDescription="{x:Static const:strings.ScanToolTip}"  

The error message I got is:

"/EasyLink;component/ScanIcon48x48.png" is not part of the project

Or it's Build Action property is not set to "Resource"

Is it not possible to use "Embedded Resources" in Riboons ?

Is it correctly understood that the different between "Embedded Resource" and "Resouce" is that the "Embedded Resource" include the resources in the resulting .exe file but "Resource" does not do this?

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see here: [wpf image resources][1] I think there is everything said [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/347614/wpf-image-resources –  Carsten Aug 19 '11 at 9:15
No, they are describing how to acccess the images as resources (still outside the .exe) but it does not describe how to access "Embedded images", even this one stackoverflow.com/questions/5076927/… refer to "Resources" and not "Embedded Resources" –  Stefan Olsson Aug 19 '11 at 10:27
Did you have a problem with the Build Action set to "Resource"? My understanding is that this setting enables easier access to resources in XAML...and it still embeds the resource in the assembly. –  IanR Aug 19 '11 at 14:02

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I just tested this, and as I thought - the difference between "Embedded Resource" and "Resource" isn't that one embeds the resource in the assembly and one doesn't. They both do.

I think the main difference is that "Resource" provides a resource management scheme that is more accessible to WPF applications, so that's the option you should be using for your image.

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