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I'm having some difficulties with R right now.

What I have:

  • a vector with minimal values for each triangular kernel
  • a vector with maximal values
  • a vector with the "middle" point (where the pick of each triangular should be)

What I need:

  • a density estimate (triangular kernels ofc)
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Give a small reproducible example and what you've tried so far. That way, you have better chance of harvesting a (good) answer. –  Roman Luštrik Aug 19 '11 at 9:37
A reproducible example is what is explained here : stackoverflow.com/questions/5963269/… . What you need, is a good look at some help files, like ?density and ?kernel. –  Joris Meys Aug 19 '11 at 12:11

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See if you can build on this example of varying bandwidth specifications to the base density function with a triagular kernel:

data("faithful", package = "datasets") 
x <- faithful$waiting 
opar <- par(mfcol= c(2,2))
for (bw in c(3,6,12,18) ) {
  hist(x, xlab = "Waiting interval", ylab = "Eruption Freq", 
  probability = TRUE, main = "Density plot: Triangular kernel", 
  border = "gray", sub= bquote("Bandwidth = "*.(bw) ) ) 
  lines(density(x, width = bw, window = "triangular"), lty=3, col="red")

Four bandwidths to triangular kernel density plot

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