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In Flex, I'm using an HBox to hold thumbnails. When more thumbnails are added than can be shown, the HBox becomes scrollable.

When I add more than, say, 80 images, when I scroll back to the first image, the images begin "tearing", until I hover my mouse over them.

This is how it looks when few images are added:


When many images are added:


Should I be using something other than an HBox to accomplish this?

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HBox doesn't use virtual renders so I'd actually recommend a List based control like HorizontalList. You may also want to use Ely Greenfield's SuperImage to avoid flicker when scrolling.

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Thanks, didn't know about the list controls! –  Rhys Causey Apr 2 '09 at 23:41

Use a TileList. It can use ItemRenderers which uses fewer resources.

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