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I have an existing subversion repository with many subfolders in it. A new person joined my team and i want to give him access to the svn-repository but not at all. He should get access only to one of the folders in svn-repo. So, how do i give a user only access to a subfolder in an svn-repository?

My setup: Debian, Apache2, DAV, SVN

Thank you :) whitenexx

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Briefly: What you need is HTTP authentication (e.g. BASIC, via AuthType Basic) and then limit the access to specific URL via <Location /svn/private/project> Require group admin </Location> –  dma_k Aug 19 '11 at 11:01

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Permissions on specific paths of SVN repositories can be provided by creating an access file. More details can be found by reading the SVN book. Here is a sample:

@admin = rw
john = rw
@admin = rw
jack = rw
john = r
ali = rw
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