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I got some free image icons for iOS, for example,

but I think these images is for tab bar icons, not for bar button images. I used these images to bar button, but it isn't good to look due to alphas in image. Pure-white image is needed for bar button image.

  1. Is there any good images for bar button?
  2. or, how can I edit image to use in bar button image? I'm not familiar to graphics tools like photoshop.
  3. or, can I use images by changing bar button properties? I think if images can be inverted, it'll be better.
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Assuming you are developing an HTML/CSS/Javascript app - have you looked at Jquery Mobile?

You can use their standard bar icons, which are white with alpha background - see the JQM-docs on button icons here.

So regarding your questions:

1) Yes, you can for example stick with the custom icons provided by frameworks

2) You can always draw your own icons in Photoshop or (I prefer) Inkscape (free & easier). I did this in Inkscape for example. Works nicely in Jquery Mobile.

3) Inverting images - if you are talking about using an image as a "mask" - you can only do this on Webkit browsers using the -webkit-mask-image property without changing the icon (example: here. If you need this across different devices, you have to cut out icons from a background-image. I did this in my cross-browser tab-bar

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Thanks to your answer, but I'm working for images for pure-application of iOS. My question is actually "how to edit image with photoshop", I think I'd better ask to my designer friend next to my desk. I feel sorry to say that. – moon6pence Sep 5 '11 at 10:02
no problem :-) I have been using both photoshop and inkscape for icons. If you are not doing gradient backgrounds, I think Inkscape is easier to use for the once-in-a-while-user. Good luck. – frequent Sep 5 '11 at 13:00
Thx, I'll try Inkscape. – moon6pence Sep 7 '11 at 2:11

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