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I have a WebView on an activity that the rotation is managed by me (Manifest: android:configChanges="keyboardHidden|orientation") due to some specific needs.

For testing purposes i'm opening on it.

The first time, that opens it all works great. But, after I rotate the device, the focus events seem to stop working.

When pressing the search box of the soft keyboard doesn't open... there are even no events shown on the LogCat.

Before the rotation these are the logs that appear when pressing search box and the keyboard is opening:

08-19 11:13:19.765: INFO/KeyInputQueue(2497): Input event
08-19 11:13:19.765: DEBUG/KeyInputQueue(2497): screenCaptureKeyFlag setting 0
08-19 11:13:19.769: ERROR/KeyLedTest(2581): KeyLedTest++
08-19 11:13:19.773: ERROR/KeyBoardLed(2497): UpdateState../sys/class/sec/keyboard/keyboard_led state false
08-19 11:13:19.773: ERROR/KeyBoardLed(2497): UpdateState../sys/class/sec/keyboard/keyboard_led state false finished
08-19 11:13:19.773: ERROR/KeyLedTest(2581): service.UpdateState0

After rotating none is shown when pressing...

I've tried to see if onConfigurationChanged method is called, when pressing the search box but it is not. I've also tried to remove the keyboard from Manifest being android:configChanges="orientation" but none has taken any effect.

Any clue someone?

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Maybe your WebView is not having focus?

A similar question has been asked: Android WebView refusing user input
and the solution was to add the following line:


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omg.. that's a stupid thing. But that fixed it. – NeTeInStEiN Aug 21 '11 at 19:45

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