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i was wondering if there are any good alternatives to Sphinx when i want to provide static html documentation for software projects. Sphinx seems ok but is mostly used in the Python area. I am interested in a solution that could potentially be used in all kinds of projects not only Python related.

My goal is to document stuff in markdown or something like that and afterwards generate a static html site that will be delivered to the users (administrators)

I have also seen Gollum but this is tied to GitHub :(

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Do you think it is a big problem that Sphinx is mostly used in the Python area? It is true that Sphinx is written in Python and primarily geared towards Python documentation. But IMHO, one of the strengths is that it can be used to document anything.

Sphinx will let you do exactly what you ask: "document stuff in markdown or something like that and afterwards generate a static html site". Sphinx uses , which is the "or something like that" bit.

If you want to try something a little different, I would suggest .

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You might want to consider giving Gollum another look. I will mention my thoughts about Gollum since my needs sound similar to your requirements. I have started using Gollum recently for Rails project documentation and my experience so far is very positive. It is developed by the people at Github but it is not tied to the Github service and can be used independently of Github.

It is a very active open source project with many committers. The framework is Sinatra and you can easily run it on your personal workstation. I keep a Gollum server running on my development machine and edit the Markdown files directly and then view the results in the local Gollum server. This is especially nice if you setup your editor to automatically add your updates with a keystroke. When you are ready you can generate a static html site form your Gollum wiki using this project.

Also, since it uses git behind the scenes there is built in versioning and all the power of git.

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