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In my application I want to test if float a=float b, and then do some operations. But, I wonder, that in float type 0.2+0.3==0.5 is returning false .

So here is some part of my code

float a = 0.3f;
float b = 0.2f;
float c = 0.5f;
   if (a + b == c)

And here is result of this part


I can't figure out what is wrong here... I can use double or decimal instead float, but I want to know what's wrong here. Thanks for help.

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Floats are not exact values, they are approximates. It could be that the equation is 0.30000001 + 0.20000003 (= 0.50000004) == 0.50000001 which results in a false.

You should check if the difference between the 2 values is really small. More info here

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