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Im getting slightly confused by a C# error.

Type t = thing.GetType()

t is now a type. but if i attempt to do this:

new GenericThing<t>

I get a warning saying type or namespace expected. What am i missing?

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t is a Type object created at runtime. Generics expect a type name, resolved at compile time. To create a generic at runtime, you have to use MakeGenericType

For example:

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t is an object instance of type Type, i.e. something that only exists at runtime. Generics work at compile time and expect the name of the type.

I think you agree that the following doesn't make sense:

Type t = thing.GetType()
TypeOfThing instance = new t();

And for the same reason, you can't pass a type instance as the parameter of a generic.

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Type is a class that represents a type rather than actually being one, so you cannot use an instance of Type in a place that expects a type or type parameter.

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you should do something like this :

var youGeneric = typeof(GenericThing<>).MakeGenericType(t)
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