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I am having a flat file which is pulled from a Db2 table ,the flat file contains records in both the char format as well as packed decimal format.how to convert the packed data to a java string.is there any way to convert the entire flat file to ASCII format.

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EBCDIC is a family of encodings. You'll need to know more in details which EBCDIC encoding you're after.

Java has a number of supported encodings, including:

  • IBM500/Cp500 - EBCDIC 500V1
  • x-IBM834/Cp834 - IBM EBCDIC DBCS-only Korean (double-byte)
  • IBM1047/Cp1047 - Latin-1 character set for EBCDIC hosts

Try those and see what you get. Something like:

InputStreamReader rdr = new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream(<your file>), java.nio.Charset.forName("ibm500"));
    while((String line = rdr.readLine()) != null) {
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It should be noted that this list is of the encodings supported by the Oracle JDK. The list of encodings required to be supported by all JVMs is much shorter. –  Joachim Sauer Aug 19 '11 at 11:00
Very good point! –  pap Aug 19 '11 at 11:04
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Read the file as a String, write it as EBCDIC. Use the OutputStreamWriter and InputStreamWriter and give the encoding in the constructor.

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Following from PAP, CP037 is US EBCDIC encoding.

Also have a look at JRecord Project. It allows you to read a file with either a Cobol or Xml description and will handle EBCDIC and Comp-3.

Finally here is a routine to convert packed decimal bytes to String see method getMainframePackedDecimal in Conversion

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IRI NextForm or IRI CoSort will handle the source file layout discovery (use their free Eclipse GUI wizard for that part if you need it) and field-level remappings to convert the data types, record layout, and file format as needed. The field definitions and manipulation jobs are simple text scripts you can run from the GUI or command line.

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