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I want to be able to pass the extension entered by a caller to the agi script and after it is manupulate I would like the agi script to send the result back to the dial plan as a variable. Can anyone give me an example of how to achive this in any dialplan language

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If you are using Asterisk dialplan (extensions.conf) to enter AGI, then getting the extension is possible using the ${EXTEN} channel variable. To return information to the dialplan you can set any channel variable, though take some care to avoid channel variables that are used by Asterisk itself.

Here's a quick example using Adhearsion:

In Asterisk extensions.conf:

exten => s,1,Background(enter-your-extension-now)
exten => _X.,1,AGI(agi://localhost/stuff)
exten => _X.,n,NoOp(Returned new extension: ${NewExten})

In Adhearsion's dialplan.rb:

stuff {
  exten = get_variable('EXTEN')
  # Do stuff to figure out what the new extension should be
  newexten = '12345'
  set_variable('NewExten', newexten)

The above code will set the ${NewExten} channel variable to "12345" and write it to the Asterisk console.

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