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I also have the question that how to capture the script of authentication window (for e.g. username, password). If anyone knows the answer, Please help me out.

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You will need to provide more information about what you are trying to do and what you have already attempted. –  a'r Aug 19 '11 at 12:35

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If you are talking about pop-up window,then Jmeter doesn't support that.In case, you can try Badboy and import the test plan to Jmeter.

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Normally, you can capture script by recording. At first, you will need to create ThreadGroup in TestPlan and than create HTTPProxyServer in WorkBench.

ႊThen set port number in Global Setting box (eg.8911) and change your connection setting in IE as localhost in address and 8911 as in port.

Then you can start HTTPProxyServer in jmeter and run your application for login.
By doing it, you can capture login script but you may need to add expression for dynamic userId and password value to test.

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