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How i can refresh model's attributes when invoke save() I am using backbone and backbone relational. Have the following code:

saveParams: function(event){
    var self = this;
    this.model.save({}, {
      success: function(model, resp, xhr){
        model = ...

      error: function(model, resp){
    $(this.el).effect("highlight", {}, 1000);

When pass callback success, the parameters "model" has ald attributes (before save), resp is holding updated attributes. How i can update attributes in a model?

model.set(resp) doesn' help me model.set(JSON.stringify) doesn't help me

UPD1: I use Backbone RelationModel cause have nested models. Nested models doesn't refresh when success callback invokes. I guess because RelationModel using Backbone.Store.

UPD2: For me works only this:


I know it's ugly, but it's working )

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Normally you don't have to do this! Backbone automatically parses the response if a save() command, as you can see here: http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone/docs/backbone.html#section-41

If your response data differs from the default assumed backbone data structure you should take a look at the Backbone.Model#parse method and maybe overwrite it (it's a very simple method).

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Yeah, anything passed in a response will be assigned to model. It has to be in proper data structure as chris_b says. Not only that existing attributes will be replaced with new ones, but any new non-existing attribute will be added to model's attribute hash. –  Ivan Ivanić Aug 20 '11 at 15:58
Hmm. Maybe I'm retarded but I don't see anything in the linked docs that's actually about the save() function (it's about set()), and the automatic parsing isn't working for me. –  Jason Swett Oct 3 at 23:31
Keep in mind that this answer is from 2011 - probably for Backbone 0.5. I guess they changed the behavior in the current version. (see Backbone Changelog) –  chris_b Oct 7 at 13:12

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